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  • FDLE CREAM (coin)


    Introducing the Florida Department of Law Enforcment -FDLE- (COIN) with the Wu Tang theme, Cash Rules Everything Around Me -C.R.E.A.M-


    The ultimate coin for promoting public safety and strengthening domestic security. This coin represents the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's commitment to providing services in partnership with local, state, and federal criminal justice agencies to prevent, investigate, and solve crimes. Crafted with the highest quality materials, this coin symbolizes the dedication of our law enforcement officers to protecting Florida's citizens and visitors. Show your support for the FDLE's important mission by proudly displaying this coin in your collection or gifting it to a law enforcement professional. Join us in our efforts to uphold the law and keep our communities safe with the FDLE CREAM (COIN).



    1.23 inches (height) x 3.5 inches (width)