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Bring the Lost to the Light (Coin)
  • Bring the Lost to the Light (Coin)

    SKU: 23-BTSTTL-O-C


    Introducing our Bring the Lost to the Light patches, perfect for police divers who put their lives on the line to save others. These patches serve as a powerful reminder of the specialized training required for public safety dives. Our patches feature a striking design that will make a statement and draw attention to the important work of our police divers. Get yours today and show your support for those who bring the lost to the light.


    Measuring 2 inches in width and with a thickness of 0.14 inches, this high-quality coin is made to last. The design features a diving helmet and a torch, symbolizing the important role of Police Diving in searching for and recovering lost items and people. Add this unique coin to your collection or give it as a gift to someone who appreciates the bravery and dedication of our Police Divers.