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K9 Cairo


Named after the Navy SEAL working dog, Cairo who was a fearless warrior, an attack dog who would know the difference between a baby and a bad guy, the lone non-human US soldier to raid Osama bin Laden's compound in 2011.

The current working dog K9 Cairo, is a police canine in a county agency.  Anxious to work every day.  Usual workdays involve, searching for illegal narcotics, locating missing people and apprehending criminal offenders.

Off time, Cairo enjoys food, kong toys, annoying the neighbors, barking at anyone who even looks towards the property and hates showers, but doesn't mind laying out in the rain.

Cairo Picture.JPG

💊🕵️‍♂️   Narcotics Detection

🙋‍♂️🚶‍♂️    Person Tracker

👥⚖️  Criminal Apprehension

🛡️⚔️   Handler Protection

🤬☠   Toy Destroyer

🐾🐺  Canine Officer

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