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Mark "Oakley"

Mark "Oakley" Elsaid, Founder of Blacksand Tactical Inc., is a fifteen-year veteran of law enforcement who started his career with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO), Corrections Bureau. During Mark’s time in corrections, he was a member of the Corrections Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) and assisted the Security Threat Group Unit (STG) with validating threat group associates, gathering intelligence-related criminal activities, and providing investigative support.  While working full time, Mark attended the Southwest Florida Public Service Academy (SWFPSA), in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a Law Enforcement Officer.  After earning his state certification, Mark left the Sheriff’s Office and began working as a State Trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), due to the immediate opportunity to work in the field.

Since Mark’s return, he has developed a craft for seeking out criminal elements more specifically, those involved with the sale, use and possession of illegal narcotics. Mark has also developed an ability to establish a rapport with those within his district, which has led to an expansion of knowledge of the community itself and has led to tips of ongoing criminal activity.

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During this time with the Florida Highway Patrol, Mark gained experience working in numerous jurisdictions, was a part of several dignitary protection details and escorts. Other experiences also include criminal interdiction and learned the challenges of working alone as backup was often far away.  Although Mark was successful during his time with the Florida Highway Patrol, he desired to work in a neighborhood / community setting along with his admiration for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, which led him back to the agency.

Mark has also had the opportunity to be part of the Field Force Team which is responsible for quelling riots and other public disturbances. Currently, Mark has earned and is privileged to be part of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team / Special Operations Unit (SWAT / SOU).  Along with being a swat member, Mark is also a part of two integrated teams; Energetic Breaching Team, relatively used for controlled entry and the Waterborne Unit, which is used for Maritime Operations.  On SWAT, Mark has served various high risk warrants as well as responded to high risk call outs. Mark has been utilized for dignitary protection in such cases as safeguarding Senators, Congressman, as well as the President and Vice President of the United States


Along with being on the teams, Mark’s daily reasonability is being a K9 Handler on the agencies Special Enforcement Team responsible for combating crime trends and identifying criminal activity.
In the course of Mark’s law enforcement career, he also completed several tactical competitions and received specific recognition for his outstanding service to our community.



Below is a shortlist of his training, accomplishments, and awards.

▪SWAT School, by Florida SWAT Association 
▪Maritime Waterborne School, by MAR TAC Solutions
▪Energetic Breaching, by Tactical Energetic Entry Systems (TEES)
▪K9 Academy, National Police Canine Association (NPCA)
▪Florida Law Enforcement Canine Association (FLECA)
  Narcotics Detection, Tracking, Obedience, and Patrol 


▪SWAT Roundup International Competition in Orlando in 2021
▪SWAT Roundup International Competition in Orlando in 2019
▪SWAT Roundup International Competition in Orlando in 2018
▪Region 6 SWAT Challenge Competition in Manatee County in 2018
▪Region VI SWAT Competition in Highlands County in 2017
▪Mock Prison Riot Competition in West Virginia in 2016


Grand Cordon Award, in 2020 from the Lee County Sheriff's Office for the Hostage Rescue of a Child
▪Narcotics Drug Buster Award in 2018 from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office
▪Deputy of the Quarter, “Duty to Act Award”, in 2010, from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office
▪Achievement Award for Defensive Tactics in 2008 from Florida Corrections Academy

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