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K9 Dog Bone (Black)
  • K9 Dog Bone (Black)


    The K9 Dog Bone will keep your dog busy and satisfied.


    Health Benefits:

    1. 100% Natural Rubber

    2. Food Grade, BPA Free

    3. Dishwasher Safe and Easy to Clean


    Toy Benefit:

    Teeth Cleaning, Over lasting Chew, Dental Care and Treat Toy.


    Treat Options:

    An option for peanut butter, bar treats or biscuits.


    The Diamond Design:

    Helps clean the dogs’ teeth plus satisfying to chew on.



    S: 11.3x5x3.5cm (dogs up to 24 pounds) 

    M: 16.6x7.4x4.5cm (dogs 24 to 59 pounds)

    L: 20x9x5.4cm (dogs 60 to 99 pounds)



    S:  80g

    M: 215g

    L:  365g