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ULFHEDNAR (Morale Patch)
  • ULFHEDNAR (Morale Patch)




    NO Mercy, ONLY Violence

    The Ulfhednar were a group of Viking warriors who originated from ancient Norse religious rites. The Ulfhednar wore wolf skins, and their own skin was black-died. These howling psychopaths were so wolf-like in behavior and ferocity that they influenced later European werewolf folklore. Unlike normal berserkers, these warriors wielded no shields. They eventually merged with the berserkers in name, yet continued to prefer their own methods.
    Like the berserkers, the ulfhednar performed chants and rituals prior to battle to get in a "Berserker Rage", when, through adrenaline, they became much stronger and faster, became immune to pain, and bled less.


    Patch Type: PVC Durable Rubber
    Colors: Gray, Brown, and White, all with a black background
    Back: Velcro
    Size: 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm