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Medical Reflective Cross (Patch)
  • Medical Reflective Cross (Patch)

    SKU: 22MCRP


    Medical Reflective Cross Patch


    The six-pointed star is the Star of Life. The Star of Life has traditionally been used as a means of identification for medical personnel, equipment, and vehicles. Emergency Services worldwide use the symbol to identify themselves. 

    Each of the six points of the star of life has a meaning, which can be viewed below:
    1. Detection – The first rescuer on the scene.
    2. Reporting – Professional help is mobilized and sent to the scene.
    3. Response – Immediate care and first aid provided.
    4. On Scene Care – Control the situation, and begin providing whatever care they are capable of providing to the victim.
    5. Care in Transit – The victim is transferred to a hospital via ambulance or helicopter with continuous medical care.
    6. Definitive Care – At the hospital, specialized care is provided to the victim as needed.


    Quality: Long Lasting reflective quality able to sustain rough conditions
    Colors: Blue and Grey tone with reflective material
    Design: 2D
    Back: Velcro
    Size: 3inches x 3inches
    Patch Sold Individually