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K9 Fass (Morale Patch)
  • K9 Fass (Morale Patch)

    SKU: 21-KF-G-P

    The K9 Fass Morale Patch is an essential accessory for any K9 unit. With an aggressive canine design overlapped by sharp fangs, this patch signifies the power and strength of the K9. The word "Fass" is a German command used to denote physical apprehension and holding on, making this patch an ideal addition for those who want to show off their K9's abilities. Made with high-quality materials, this patch is durable and long-lasting. Show off your K9's prowess with the K9 Fass Morale Patch.



    Quality: Long Lasting Rubber able to sustain rough conditions.

    Colors: Grey tone colors with a piercing stare of deep orange

    Design: 2D

    Back: Velcro

    Size: 8 x 6 cm


    K9 Fass Patch Sold Individually