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Combat Medic Cross (Patch)
  • Combat Medic Cross (Patch)

    SKU: 22-CMC-3.3-B-P

    Combat Medic Cross Patch

    The six-pointed star is the Star of Life. The Star of Life has traditionally been used as a means of identification for medical personnel, equipment, and vehicles. Emergency services worldwide use the symbol to mark their vehicles. Also, ambulance crews wear the design as part of their uniform. 


    Each of the six points of the star of life has a meaning, which can be viewed below:
    1. Detection – The first rescuer on the scene, whether they are a trained professional or an untrained civilian, must acknowledge the need for emergency services.   
    2. Reporting – This phase generally begins and ends with calling 911, and is the time when the professional help is mobilized and sent to the scene.
    3. Response – The response phase consists of the immediate care and first aid provided to the injured individuals by the first rescuer on the scene.
    4. On Scene Care – The EMS personnel arrive on the scene, control the situation, and begin providing whatever care they are capable of providing to the victim.
    5. Care in Transit – If necessary, the victim is transferred to a hospital via ambulance or helicopter.  Continued medical care is provided during and throughout the transport process.
    6. Definitive Care – Once at the hospital, the appropriate specialized care is provided to the victim as needed.


    Patch Type: Durable PVC to sustain harsh weather
    Colors: Brown
    Back: Velcro
    Size: 3 inches X 3 inches